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RAVENBURN COLLEGE is a  faculty-school college, or a degree-granting program directed by a small group of college faculty and streamlined in order to lower tuition and increase direct pedagogy. Everything on this site is run by the faculty group, and students have direct access to the faculty members in their dual roles as teachers and administrators.


Our mission is to provide a quality college education that stresses method of thought over retention of content at a price that is both ethically aligned with today's economy and yet also richly conducive to a graduate's debt-free entrance into the world.

Our flagship program is a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Humanities with a dual minor in Writing and Business. The total tuition (including fees) for this BA degree is $10,100, spread over 3 years, but students can as many years as they need in order to finish the degree. Students exit the program with extensive readings in literature, religion, philosophy and cultural issues, with skills in current writing techniques, with internship experience at non-profits, small-business, and civic structures of their respective communities, and with a small-business plan ready to go.

We do offer other degree and certificate programs. Please visit our "Academics" page to get more information about all our programs. To contact Ravenburn  for any reason, please send an email or a voice mail to the director, whose contact information is listed on the "Faculty" page. Thanks for finding us, and we hope you find your visit to our site profitable.      c. 2018 by Ravenburn College, a Registered Nonprofit             P.O. Box 67343, Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44221