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We're looking for students who will learn, develop, and eventually run the start-up ideas we've accepted.

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We are looking for anyone (18 years old to 70+) who would be interested in helping us develop our start-up ideas and platforms. We will discuss at length our ideas and yours, and if you want to get involved, we will train you to be a core contributor and eventually, if you wish, a director and finally an owner.



This is the National Organization of Community Sports. It will serve to certify new minor sports for local leagues.



Gridball is a football game played on paper grids using . . . math! A lot of it. Perfect for elementary-school kids who can use practice on their arithmetic. This game is surprisingly fun, and we anticipate a robust adult league in a few years.



Football plus tennis? Punting the ball in the squares of the tennis court for points, calling "Gamers" to win right away, and topping your opponent in a best-out-of-seven format for series points makes this a compelling game. We would like to use this as a way to develop community interaction.



From 60 paces, the archer shoots an arrow high into the air to hit a 24-foot-diameter target area with a pin at the bullseye. The unique scoring method allows for bonus points for extremely accurate shots. With the tournament style scoring, a league can easily be set up in any open field within a community.



This is an unranked chess tournament designed to let players of all ages compete together in a stress-free environment. The triple-pronged elimination system and the money pool at the end heightens the fun.



Trackschool is a homeschooling platform that has huge potential. Students earn credits for traditional subjects taught in a unique manner, and they also earn credits for creative activities that align with their interests. The Open Latch Education Foundation archives the certificates and awards earned.



By collecting later-model computers donated from business, we have a lot of computer equipment we disassemble in order to teach young boys and girls about the inner workings of a computer. We donate the computers we build to families who could use another computer.



PMG is a moving art gallery of paintings and drawings that is periodically housed by businesses or organizations like restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, city hall, etc. The goal here is to give first-time artists exposure to the public eye.



With Budget Cooking, we want to show young people how to cook healthy and simply meals on a budget. We teach knife handling, fruit selection, and simple meat and vegetable combos. We also discuss the cost of good food and the economy of leftovers.



Reading is foundational to literacy, and the sooner a child starts loving to read (or to hear reading) the better. FPB is a collection of outstanding picture books that we've developed over the course of a decade of scouring library shelves for these standouts. These books have the quality of drawing the child back to the narrative time and time again. We read these books aloud to children. We can also provide the list to parents who are interested.



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