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WE ARE MORE THAN HAPPY TO LOOK at absolutely anything once. So send us your art, your music, your manuscripts. However, these must be in "final draft" form (more or less) so we can gauge accurately their publication potential.


While we want to encourage every artist in their work, we reserve the right to not accept some submissions. If for whatever reason your work is not something we can showcase in our online studio, we will provide a review for you so you can see our side of things.


We prefer to receive materials in digital form. So simply attach photos, documents, or music files to the submission email you send us, or include links in the email itself to your material if it is already online.


If you want to send us material through postal mail, we welcome paper manuscripts or thumb drives of music. Please know that your material will not be returned unless you include appropriate return postage.


Use these addresses to submit your material:


Ravenburn Studio

2416 6th St.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221


The Open Latch Education Foundation redundantly archives our transcripts and awards, so a copy of your transcript will be available through them as well. Email OLEF at for more info.

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